Clients can apply for funding in the following instances:

  1. A MAH vet has examined the animal and has determined in said vet’s sole and absolute discretion that medical treatment and/or surgery is required for the animal to achieve or maintain an acceptable quality of life.
  2. Financial hardship will prevent the owner from following the recommended course of treatment and/or surgery.


  1. The owner, including spouse or joint owner, has applied for Care Credit and has been declined and they have exhausted all other sources of assistance (credit cards, friends, relatives, etc).
  2. The owner must be willing to complete MAH’s “Financial Checklist” and/or submit the previous year 1040 tax form for all adults responsible for caring for the animal, statements of current income and any other documents showing proof of financial hardship (proof of the following benefits: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Disability, Unemployment and or Public Assistance)
  3. The prognosis after surgery or treatment must be fair or better, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of a MAH vet. The prognosis must include a predicted survival rate of 50% or better for survival beyond 6 months.
  4. The animal must be spayed or neutered. If not, it will be done at the time of surgery if the vet determines that it will not jeopardize the health of the animal. If it cannot be done at the time of surgery, the owner must agree to have the pet sterilized within a set time frame.
  5. The owner must contribute toward the cost of care in an amount to be determined by Metzger Animal Hospital, payable in the form of an advance deposit prior to the recommended treatment or surgery being performed.
  6. The person applying for assistance must be the legal owner of the pet.
  7. The owner must agree to abide by any and all follow-up care and treatment recommendations of MAH.
  8. Any of the above requirements can be amended, modified and/or waived at any time in the sole and absolute discretion of MAH.

What DOES NOT qualify?

  1. We will not pay for any outstanding balances or costs incurred prior to approval.
  2. We will not pay for any preventative care, vaccines, routine surgeries such as spay/neuter, elective surgeries such as declaws, tail or ear docks, dewclaw removal, etc.
  3. Any animals owned by a breeder or used for breeding purposes.
  4. Any treatment that is the result of neglect or mistreatment of the animal, unless the owner agrees, in writing, to relinquish ownership of the animal and not to own any other animals.
  5. Any treatment considered “heroics”. We will make every reasonable attempt to revive or resuscitate an animal if necessary, but only if it is believed that quality of life can be achieved.